Fountain Networks is proud to present the IPFire Duo Box - the new inexpensive IPFire appliance for a smart home.

The IPFire Duo Box is the perfect appliance for starters. Bringing IPFire into your home or home office will soon let you forget how stressful it used to be with the ISP router. These days end now. This box will turn your home into a smart home with help of all the features of the IPFire firewall distribution. Easy to administer for everyone, even without having professional skills in networking, you won't want to miss the powerful IPFire content filter, Quality of Service or VPN functionality any more. It is all in this small unit.


Equipped with a powerful Intel(R) Dual-Core processor with 1.7 GHz clock speed, 2 Gigabytes of RAM, a 32GB Solid-State Disk, two Gigabit network interfaces and a built-in WiFi interface, there is nothing it cannot do. You will get this all in an excellently designed tiny case that is made out of 100% aluminium. Even with its great performance it consumes as little as 6W of power, so that it is not only cheap to buy, it will also save on your electricity bill. Click on the "specification" tab to learn more about what we put inside.

The local network will be connected to one of the Ethernet ports. The other one will connect to a DSL, cable or fibre modem and work as uplink to the Internet. The built-in WiFi has a great range and achieves great download speeds in the entire house.

Optional Features

With the optional LTE modem that also supports 3G/UMTS and GSM/GPRS and the SIM socket inside, it will connect to fast mobile networks. Extra large antennas will get your great throughput and even a connection for out in the country that is not only fast, but reliable as well. Even with the most difficult conditions.


IPFire is a powerful firewall distribution based on Linux that will replace the router of your Internet service provider by a solution that is Open Source, free (as in free speech), easy to administer and extensible. These are only a few use-cases in your home.

Filter content to protect your children

IPFire comes with a built-in content filter that can be used to protect your children from visiting adult websites, websites that include violence, gambling and other malicious content. It can also be used to keep some spyware and online advertisements outside. It is working on top of the IPFire proxy server that can also cache the browsed contents to speed up your Internet connection and filter content for viruses. That way, you are feeling safer when browsing.

Virtual Private Networking

When you are accessing data from remote it is always very dangerous to do that over the Internet. Attackers will eavesdrop on your connection and get a copy of that data or your login credentials. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) will create a tunnel first that is cryptographically secured and send all data over this safe connection that is virtually impossible to crack or hijack. Don't want to store your files in the Cloud? Do it at home and access them securely!

Want to know more?

These are just a few examples of what IPFire can do. All the features are freely available and require no extra licence fees because it is free software. If you want to learn more about IPFire, head over to the official IPFire website.

With the IPFire Duo Box, you will get two years of  bring-in-and-return warranty.

Description Intel Broadwell 3215U
Clockspeed 1.7 GHz
No. of Cores 2
Capacity 2GB
Capacity 32GB
Speed Gigabit Ethernet
Chipset 2x RTL8111E
Hardware Random Number Generator Yes, Intel(R) Secure Key
USB 3x USB 3.0
RJ-45 2x
Serial (RS-232) 1x
MicroSIM Slot 1x (internal)
Hardware Revision 2.0
Input Voltage DC 9-19V
Warranty 2 years bring-in-and-return
Power Supply FSP060-DIBAN2, ErP/EuP Lot7 efficiency, >= 88%
Certifications FCC, CE, RoHS compliant

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IPFire Duo Box

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